Tara Hill HOA Specifications
Rules Reminder
Posted on Jun 14th, 2011

No Storage in Parking Spaces
The Tara Hills Rules and Regulations prohibit the storage of any items in the units’ parking spaces. (60.90) “It is the responsibility of all owners to keep their parking spaces…neat and clear of debris, junk, excess oil or gas…No storage is permitted.” Any stored items found in parking spaces after July 1 will be discarded by the HOA.
In addition, vehicles without current registration may not be parked on the property and all vehicles must be kept clean and maintained (60.40 and 60.50). Bicycles in good working order may be parked in the stalls.
Please check your parking spaces and make sure that items haven’t collected and that the area is oil free and clean. Oil and mechanical fluids are slip hazards.  Thank you for your cooperation.